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Airfix 1/48th scale Supermarine Sea Fury FB.11

Airfix 1/48th scale Supermarine Sea Fury FB.11

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One of the most capable piston-engine fighter aircraft ever produced and the last to enter service with Britain’s Fleet Air Arm, the Hawker Sea Fury represented the pinnacle of piston-engine fighter design. Introduced after the end of the Second World War, the Sea Fury would see combat against some of the early jet fighters during the Korean War, where it would perform extremely well.

The first deck landing trials commenced in the winter of 1946. The Sea Fury would remain as the Fleet Air Arms principle single-seater fighter until 1953, when it was then replaced by the jet-powered Hawker Sea Hawk.

The aircraft also saw service with a number of overseas air arms, in a variety of operational roles, including strike fighter, trainer and high-speed target towing. The aircraft also became a popular choice in the world of air racing, where the brute power and sheer speed of this magnificent aircraft saw it victorious in countless competitions.

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