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Italeri 1/72nd scale Jaguar T.2 RAF Trainer

Italeri 1/72nd scale Jaguar T.2 RAF Trainer

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The Jaguar ground attack aircraft emerged in the 1960s from a collaborative project between the French and British aviation industries and was operated by the Royal Air Force until the late mid-2000s, thereby demonstrating extraordinary longevity and operational efficiency. Its two turbojet engines were able to attain and also exceed Mach 1.6. It has been deployed on numerous and quite often highly complex missions in operational theatres, including the Balkans and Iraq. The T2 two-seat trainer version was developed for operational conversion of British RAF pilots. It was also capable in its secondary role of ground attack and close support missions but unlike the single-seat version, it was armed with a single 30mm Aden cannon.

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