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Mann's Model Moments

MMM Modelling Tool Set

MMM Modelling Tool Set

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Let's face it, most modelling tool sets are a disappointment, along with being very expensive. I wanted to provide a cost-effective set of tools for starting in modelling, that gives you the basics and that you can build on over time. They're not likely to be the only tools you buy, but they work!

Included in the set are;

  • A pair of basic sprue-cutters to separate parts from their gates
  • A basic all-metal hobby knife with replaceable blades
  • A small flat file for removing large burrs or reshaping parts
  • Two multi-grit foam-cored sanding sticks
  • Two pairs of tweezers (one straight and one bent-nosed) for parts manipulation

These are supplied in a small polypropylene-type case resists dropping, enabling you to keep your tools safe, add to them and take them with you easily for club meetings, shows or holidays.

Also available with cement.

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