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Mann's Model Moments

Mann's Model Moments Mystery Box!

Mann's Model Moments Mystery Box!

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Want to buy something but can't decide?

Like the excitement of not knowing what kits you're getting?

Want a surprise but don't want something you don't like?

Mann's Model Moments Mystery Box may be for you!

Available at a budget suitable for you, simply add the number of £5 increments to get the total value of kits you want, then send an email quoting your order number telling us;

  • Preferred Scale (1/144th, 1/72nd, 1/35th etc)
  • Preferred Subjects (aircraft, cars, AFVs, ships etc)
  • Preferred Period (WWII, cold war, modern etc)
  • Anything to avoid

...and leave the rest to us. We hand-pick kits we think you'd like based on your inputs, giving you the surprise of a mystery box without the disappointment of receiving subjects which you know you won't build.

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