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MMM SpruGoo Thick - Grey

MMM SpruGoo Thick - Grey

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"Sprue Goo" is the affectionate name we use in modelling to a home-made mixture of glue and plastic sprue offcuts that can be used to fill seams and holes in models. It has the advantage of chemically welding to the existing plastic, meaning a strong bond without cracking, and as it is made of styrene, it has extremely similar properties to the kit parts for cutting, sanding and painting.

Whilst anyone can make sprue-goo themselves, MMM SpruGoo has several advantages;

  • It is made from lab-grade chemicals
  • It is made to specific formulas to provide consistent results each time
  • It is available in three grades (Thin, normal and Thick)
  • It is available in different colours

Supplied in a standard MMM small bottle, MMM Sprue Goo is a cost-effective solution for model filling and part strengthening.

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