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Revell 1/52nd scale Star Wars Snowspeeder      

Revell 1/52nd scale Star Wars Snowspeeder      

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Star Wars: The Rebellion Snowspeeder from The Empire Strikes Back

The new Star Wars plastic model kits for gluing and painting now offer model fans aged 10 and over even more crafting fun. The modified T-47 Airspeeder, manufactured by the Incom Corporation, reaches a speed of over 1,100 kilometers per hour using afterburner, but is not suitable for spaceflight. As one of the most common starship types in the Star Wars galaxy, the T-47 can be found on almost every industrialized world. The T-47, redesigned by the rebels, is called the Snowspeeder and is used in the battle on the ice planet Hoth to keep the advancing AT-AT at bay. The modifications also included technical modifications to deal with the immediate freezing of the drive systems. Thanks to their high speeds, the Snowspeeders are difficult to hit. The strong ropes, which were originally intended for transporting heavy loads and were effectively used against the AT-ATs, are fired using harpoons. The pilot, who shares the cockpit back to back with the shooter, can take over complete weapon control in addition to navigation if necessary.easykit pocket - the big easykit fun in a small format. The Star Wars Snowspeeder model kit is best known from The Empire Strikes Back. In the snowspeeder, Luke Skywalker gets close to the AT-AT walkers.

  • Cockpit replica
  • Pilot and gunner figure
  • Replica weaponry
  • Display stand

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Kit including construction instructions and decal

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