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Revell "Contacta Glue" Gel-Glue - 13g

Revell "Contacta Glue" Gel-Glue - 13g

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Revell Contacta is the perfect glue for all modellers who place great value on precision and stability when bonding larger model parts. The glue's unique gel-like consistency allows parts to line up precisely without drying immediately. This gives you the control and flexibility you need for your challenging model making projects.

The benefits of Revell Contacta at a glance:

  • Precise alignment: The gel-like consistency of the adhesive enables precise alignment of the large model parts without them drying immediately. So you can make sure everything fits perfectly before the glue sets.
  • Plastic welding effect: Revell Contacta works with a welding effect that dissolves the plastic and bonds the spots together very firmly. This guarantees a secure and permanent connection of your model parts.
  • Suitable for large parts: The formulation of the glue is specially adapted for bonding larger model parts, so you can rely on optimum adhesion and stability.
  • Easy to use: The tube allows for clean and precise dispensing of the glue, minimising glue wastage and the risk of unsightly glue residue.
  • Flexibility during assembly: Revell Contacta gives you the option of moving and adjusting the parts after the glue has been applied, before they dry firmly, to achieve a perfect final result.

Revell Contacta is the ideal solution for all modellers who need precision and stability when gluing their projects. Experience how the gel-like consistency of this glue gives you the control and flexibility you need for a professional and flawless result.


Caution. For children over 8 years only. Use under adult supervision. Flammable. Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness.

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