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Tamiya 1/35th scale British Cruiser Tank A34

Tamiya 1/35th scale British Cruiser Tank A34

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The Comet A34 was a British tank of the Second World War. The first prototypes were built at the beginning of 1944, and serial production was carried out in the period 1944-1945. In total, about 1,200 copies of this tank were built. Comet was powered by an engine Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk III with a power of 600 hp. It was armed with a single 77mm HV cannon and two 7.92mm Besa machine guns.

Tank The Comet was developed as a development and amalgamation of other British Cavalier and Centaur high-speed tanks, especially the Challenger Mk VIII. Contrary to them, it had - from the very beginning of series production - as the main armament a 77mm gun, but also a completely new turret and improved suspension. The first tanks of this type were delivered to the front in December 1944 and took part in combat in Western Europe until May 1945. They remained in service with the British Army until 1958, taking part in the Korean War (1950-1953). After 1945, Comet tanks were exported to several countries, such as Finland, Ireland and South Africa.

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