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Vallejo Model Air Set - Armee de l'Air colors (1939-42)

Vallejo Model Air Set - Armee de l'Air colors (1939-42)

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Set of 8 Model Air Colors developed for painting the camouflage patterns of the French Air Force during the Second World War, starting with the initial period in 1939, the end of the Battle for France in June 1940, and the subsequent armistice in November 1942. The set contains the profiles of airplanes with indications and detailed descriptions of the colors needed for painting the camouflage patterns.

8 x 17 ml./0.57 fl.oz. Model Air

71.078 Yellow RLM04
71.269 Red
71.035 Camouflage Pale Brown
71.043 US Olive Drab
71.040 Burnt Umber
71.093 NATO Green
71.275 USAF Medium Gray
71.047 Grey
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